About Us

The IMA is an association of BMI Icopal-approved roofing contractors offering a guaranteed level of exceptional service, skill and technical expertise. All IMA members have an impressive track record in roofing projects of all sizes, and are committed to ongoing training.

A not-for-profit organisation, the IMA is supported by BMI Icopal, the world leader in building protection from roof to basement. IMA members not only use products from across the BMI Icopal product range, but also have exclusive access to Icopal’s highest quality roofing systems; these demand the greatest installation skill and therefore carry Icopal’s most comprehensive guarantees.

What we represent

The IMA was established by Icopal in 1996, at a time when the poor quality of many waterproof roofing installations was becoming a real cause for concern. By giving building owners and architects access to a network of high quality roofing contractors, the IMA has helped reverse this trend by actively encouraging the highest standards, use of up to date products, and by backing the work of IMA members with some of the industry’s most impressive guarantees.

More than just a name – a guarantee

At a time of economic uncertainty for all those in the construction industry, an insured guarantee is a highly valuable asset. An Icopal roof installed by an IMA contractor carries an FSA-approved guarantee which provides peace of mind for up to 20 years, depending on product and specification. The full range of guarantees, covering both materials and workmanship, provides unrivalled protection and demonstrates BMI Icopal’s confidence in both its product range and in IMA contractors’ skills and workmanship.


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    +44 843 224 7400


    email: ima@bmigroup.com

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    If your business can demonstrate a track record in roof waterproofing excellence across a range of projects we'd like to hear from you.

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