AirSmart - the complete airtight solution


Another major product launched in 2011, AirSmart® comprises two very strong, lightweight vapour control membranes that together provide a complete airtight solution which enhances thermal performance and reduces the risk of condensation and moisture in buildings.

AirSmart® is ideal for both new build or refurbishment projects, and is available in two formats - AirSmart® or AirShield – depending on application. AirSmart® is installed on the warm side of insulation, and works by blocking air leakage, ensuring the U-values of the building are not compromised, and enhancing the thermal performance of the building by improving convection flow. AirSmart® is a high performance air barrier and vapour break, and is constructed with a special co-polymer coated, spun bond, non-woven reinforcement that will not rip or tear during installation.

The AirShield vapour control layer provides an effective air barrier by combining a reflective surface, designed to enhance the overall thermal performance of walls, ceilings and floors, with a reflective foil. The membrane also uses reinforcing polyester between polyethylene layers to provide excellent water vapour resistance.
By combining either membrane with AirSmart® accessories, such as detail tape, lap tape and sealant, a building can be rendered entirely airtight as the membrane can be effectively sealed, even around details such as window openings.

‘Moisture build up represents a significant problem in buildings,’ says Richard Larsen, Icopal’s Product Manager, ‘and this is set to increase as building design strives to meet increasingly stringent regulatory demands. It is crucial that any residual moisture dries out effectively - AirSmart® provides this protection by delivering a low but dynamically regulating vapour resistance that can be used in both new build and refurbishment projects, helping builders comply with Part L, Part F and Part C of the building regulations.

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