BMI UK & Ireland goes to great lengths to ensure that its products are installed correctly. The end result must be fit for purpose, thereby minimising future problems, but as not all roofing products are the same, installers need to understand the subtle differences that underpin Icopal’s exceptional product performance.

Training is also a key element of our warranty package - one of the best in the business - and essential for certain specialist products only supplied to trained contractors. And to make training even more relevant, we track all trained personnel to ensure only approved installers are using BMI UK & Ireland products, and that their performance remains at the standard required.

Our commitment to training is backed by serious investment. Our in-house training facility runs a continuous programme of courses for both entry level and experienced staff, ensuring total familiarity with our products and accessories, and with the skills required to install them quickly, efficiently and effectively. And as BMI UK & Ireland is a world leader in roofing innovation, our training courses are the ideal way to learn about new products as they come to market.

training courses

What does BMI Icopal training offer …


 Roofers    Architects and Building Owners
  • Access to highly experienced trainers with in-depth product and installation knowledge
  • A better trained workforce, able to deliver improved service and high quality work – a significant business asset
  • Faster installation leading to more cost-effective delivery
  • An expanded product portfolio as training ensures access to key products untrained competitors cannot offer
  • Improved staff CVs ensuring better staff retention
  • Informed, trained and experienced roofing teams, better able to advise on and implement a design brief
  • Roofing teams trained to use the latest roofing technologies as soon as they come to market
  • Access to a wider range of Icopal products from a single supplier, invaluable when a project demands multiple roofing finishes
  • Fast and efficient installation ensuring developments remain on schedule, within budget and underpinned by Icopal’s excellent warranty package
  • Training records to ensure only approved installers are using BMI UK & Ireland products
  • Continued product support from BMI UK & Ireland should your original roofing company become insolvent


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