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Coventry Railway Station in the West Midlands, originally built in 1840, is on the Birmingham loop of the West Coast Main Line to London Euston. The current building was completed in 1962 and is now a Grade II listed building. In 2006, a major project of essential works was undertaken by Galliford Try, including the refurbishment of trackside and platform roofs. 


Waterproofing on the existing built-up roof was in such poor condition that water was ponding and penetrating the building. Splits were evident in the perimeter details which had been caused by differential movement in the aluminium edge trim.


Project: Coventry Railway Station
Area: 3,500 m
Completion Date: August 2006
IMA Contractor: James M Green, Birmingham
Client: Network Rail
Main Contractor: Galliford Try
System: Profiles System

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IMA contractor James M Green also had to cope with roofs sited beneath power cables, which could only be worked on at night and with limited access and limited scaffold space. In addition, all roofing personnel on the project had to undergo two days of Personal Trackside Safety Training to prepare them to work alongside 25,000 volts of electricity in limited lighting conditions.



As Network Rail would not allow the existing roof to be stripped, as it would take too long, James M Green applied BMI UK & Ireland’s Profiles System so the team could easily overlay existing roofs in floodlit conditions. The Profiles System is an engineered elastomeric bitumen waterproofing system; the Profiles Warm Roof System was used, which includes BMI UK & Ireland Thermazone insulation to meet required U-value standards, topped with a FireSmart Profiles XL capsheet. Parapet details were treated with Icopal’s Antrim GRP edge trims, and the totally integrated roofing specification also included BMI UK & Ireland Roofgard Outlets, and Telescopic Vent covers. Materials were supplied on a like-for-like basis to comply with the limitations imposed by the Station’s listed status

Teams of eight roofers worked in 12 hours shifts, seven days a week, in order to complete the job in just one month, and ahead of schedule.




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