Royal Bank of Scotland, Kilsyth - Liquid Roofing



The concrete deck at the Kilsyth branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland was covered in asphalt waterproofing that had reached the end of its life, with fatigue causing a number of cracks across the surface. With a roof that was looking old and tired, a new system was required.


IMA contractor George Brolly & Co had to find a hard wearing roofing solution durable enough to withstand high levels of pedestrian foot traffic as the roof also formed a terrace leading to the main entrance of a three storey flatted development above the bank.


Project: RSB Kilsyth – Roof / Terrace area
Area: 120 m2
Completion Date: August 2009
IMA Contractor: George Brolly & Co (Roofing) Ltd, Glasgow
Client: Royal Bank of Scotland
System: Elastoflex LWS

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George Brolley & Co chose Icopal's Elastoflex LWS waterproofing system for the job, specifying a hard-wearing coloured quartz and walkway compound as the surface protection and finish.

The Elastoflex system is cold applied, and can be applied directly onto existing asphalt – this meant that there was no need to strip the failed material from the roof before application, allowing work to continue with minimal disruption to the building’s occupants. The system’s ‘wet on wet’ application also offers greater internal bond strength between coating layers, and also faster application times as the primary waterproofing elements are applied in a single operation, further minimizing disruption.

The roof, accessed by steps from street level, was edged by a combination of brick wall and concrete copings, with balustrades around the roof edge. The George Brolley & Co team used Elastoflex to create a seamless finish when dressing the copings, balustrades and pipe penetrations to create a long lasting watertight solution. RBS-Kilsyth-03



































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