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Marshall Steet Baths, Soho - Single Ply Roofing



Built in 1850 as the Westminster Public Baths, the Marshall Street Baths had been upgraded in 1930 and had become an exemplar of Art Deco architecture, with a marble-lined swimming pool, marble floors and a stunning barrel vaulted ceiling. However, the Grade II listed building had fallen into disrepair and eventually had to close in 1997 due to safety concerns.

A £25 million redevelopment project, by Marshall Street Regeneration Ltd, has transformed the building into a new leisure centre, with gym, sauna, health suite and dance and exercise studios; 52 new homes are also being built adjacent to the site, together with a new cleansing depot and car park.


Project: Marshall Street Baths Regeneration, London
Area: 1,000 m
Completion Date: July 2010 
IMA Contractor: ISG InteriorExterior plc
Client: Medway Council
System: SureWeld TPO system

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IMA contractor McCormick Flat Roofing Ltd was tasked with refurbishing the 1,000m2 barrel vaulted, reinforced concrete roof, where 80% of the roof was almost vertical making installation very difficult. In addition, the McCormick team had to establish a construction sequence with enabled work on the roof to be carried out while finishing trades worked below. The building was also situated in the heart of London’s West End, arguable one of the city’s busiest areas, and the restricted nature of the site necessitated careful logistical planning of deliveries and close coordination with the general public during offloading and distribution.



The team specified Icopal’s SureWeld TPO single-ply membrane as the waterproofing system; the warm roof build-up incorporated an BMI UK & Ireland Heat-activated Vapour Control Layer, and as the SureWeld TPO was fully adhered to 140mm PIR insulation, the McCormick team achieved a consistently flat finish across the reinforced concrete roof, while also installing roof lights.
The work was completed on time and on budget; as a result, the Baths were removed from the English Heritage At Risk register, and re-opened to the public.




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