Aviva Stadium, Dublin - Liquid-Applied waterproofing



The Aviva Stadium in Dublin is Ireland’s new home for international rugby and football, constructed on the site of the old Lansdowne Road stadium. The new ground includes a new podium, and a grand staircase built to allow spectators easy access to underlying railway and transport facilities.


IMA contractor Crown Roofing Ltd, based in Wicklow, was asked to waterproof the new podium deck and staircase using a membrane that could be applied directly to the new concrete structure.

The membrane then had to be covered with an appropriate drainage board and cementitious screed in order to provide a robust surface for pedestrian traffic.

The new concrete deck incorporated many complicated details including expansion joints, multiple surface penetrations, upstands, and glazing panels.

Close co-operation between BMI UK & Ireland, the architect, the main contractor and Crown Roofing resulted in the specification of the right product, and included the production of the technical details required to waterproof the complicated elements.  


To provide the level of performance required, Crown Roofing first applied BMI UK & Ireland’s Parabit Hot Melt waterproofing, followed by the Icopal Rootbar Capsheet membrane, in order to provide an extremely robust protection layer and a surface on to which the drainage board and screed could be laid.

Parabit is an SBS-modified bitumen membrane specifically designed for use on concrete podium deck applications. Crown Roofing applied Parabit in hot liquid form, completing the application with a range of accessories including neoprene and modified bitumen flashings for the expansion joints, upstands and penetrations.


Project: Aviva Stadium – Podium Deck and Grand Staircase.
Area: 4,000 m2.
Completion Date: November 2009.
IMA Contractor: Crown Roofing Ltd, Co. Wicklow.
Client: Football Association of Ireland (FAI).
Architects: HOK Sport / Scott Tallon Walker.
Main Contractor: Sisk Ireland, Dublin.
System: Parabit Hot Melt Waterproofing

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