Cley Marshes Visitor Centre - Green Roof



Project: Cley Marshes Visitor Centre, Norfolk
Area: 220 m2
Completion Date: May 2007
IMA Contractor: TH Moss & Sons Ltd, Norwich
Client: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Specifier: LSI Architects, Norwich
System: SureWeld TPO + Extensive sedum system

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Set in 400 acres on the north Norfolk coast, the new Cley Marshes Visitor Centre, built for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, had to be innovative and exciting, but also demonstrate sustainable construction and a very low carbon footprint.

The green specification, developed by LSI Architects LLP, made the most of the modest budget to deliver a building which features a barrel green roof with wind turbine, a ground-source heat pump, solar water heating and rainwater harvesting.

As a result, the building produces more than 70% of its energy requirements on site.


IMA contractor TH Moss & Sons Ltd was asked to install a green roof on a particularly exposed site, where high winds stopped work on many days.

In addition, the roof included many unusual details, including a steep roof slope and roof perimeter details which were particularly tight.


Despite the challenges of design and location, TH Moss & Sons Ltd installed the roof to schedule. Work began with the application of BMI UK & Ireland’s Sure-Weld TPO; this fully recyclable advanced TPO single-ply membrane is free from PVC and is also specially formulated for long term exposure without the use of either polymeric or liquid plasticisers.

An extensive green roof was then installed over the membrane, comprising a shallow, lightweight sedum mat which is both low growing and drought tolerant.

The roof is now growing well, despite concerns that the planting may have suffered in such a harsh environment.

The Visitor Centre is an excellent example of a ‘green’ building which has successfully introduced new technology into a protected environment, one which is both inspiring and which blends seamlessly into its unique and outstanding setting, thanks to the sensitivity of the design.


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