IMA for Architects

IMA for Architects

Whether for new build or refurbishment, utility or architectural impact, designing and specifying a roof can be complex. IMA contractors have experience in the widest range of roofing applications - whether pitched, flat, tiled or green. Able to advise on the best products for the job, and the best installation strategies, IMA contractors support architectural vision with proven skills, and ensure the quality of the finished roof with unrivalled guarantees.

Why should architects use an IMA contractor?:

  • Proven experience across the widest range of roofing products and applications.
  • Knowledge of roofing constraints and possibilities – invaluable at the specification stage.
  • Up to date training in world class products.
  • BMI UK & Ireland approved high quality installation.
  • Unrivalled insured guarantees

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Innovative solutions for innovative designers.

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