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Case Studies


Project Title Application/Systems Project Sectors
Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Road, Dublin Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Leisure Download
British Library, Boston Spa, W Yorks Built-Up Roofing Public Sector Download
Cal-Mac Ferry Terminal, Tobermorey, Isle of Mull Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Commercial Download
Canon Burrows Primary School, Tameside Green Roof Education Download
Cathcart Street Primary School, Wirral Built-Up Roofing Education Download
Chimney Pot Park, Salford Pitched Roofing Residential Download
Cley Marshes Visitor Centre, Norfolk Green Roof Heritage/Culture Download
Coventry Railway Station Built-Up Roofing Transport Download
Culloden Visitor Centre Green Roof & Single Ply Roofing Heritage/Culture Download
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre, Kent Built-Up Roofing Commercial Download
Horbury School Green Roof Education Download
Howard and Rainham Schools Built-Up Roofing Education Download
Marshall Street Baths, Soho Single Ply Roofing Leisure Download
MOHO Housing, Manchester Green Roof Residential Download
Royal Bank of Scotland , Kilsyth Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Commercial Download
Royal Mail Delivery Office, Worthing, West Sussex Built-Up Roofing Commercial Download
Welsh Language Centre, North Wales Green Roof Education Download
Westport Lake Visitor Centre, Stoke Green Roof Heritage/Culture Download
Woolwich Foot Tunnel, Greenwich Built-Up Roofing Public Sector Download
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