Icosun Console PV System – extending opportunities for photovoltaic panels


Launched at this year’s IMA AGM, the IcoSun® Console System further extends Icopal’s Eco-Activ range for sustainable building design. The IcoSun® Console is a lightweight mounting system for any design of rigid glass photovoltaic (PV) panel, whether framed or not. Mechanically fixed to concrete, timber or steel roofs, the System provides maximum strength for minimum weight, and can be flat or pitch mounted to optimise light levels. The

IcoSun® Console is compatible with Icopal bituminous and synthetic waterproofing membranes, and is the ideal solution for applications where thin film photovoltaics cannot be used.
The System’s fixing design provides maximum security for PV panels while protecting the integrity of the waterproofing around the fixing details. This is achieved through Icopal’s innovative FIX Console which consists of a stainless steel plate, mechanically fixed through the deck, with a weathering collar factory sealed to it and which is bonded back to the main waterproof capsheet after fixing is complete. By specifying the collar in an Icopal membrane (bitumen or synthetic) which matches an Icopal capsheet, the FIX Console provides an integrated waterproofing detail which also ensures the waterproofing guarantee remains valid, which is a significant advantage for building owners.

The FIX Console design means that heavy ballasted weights are not needed to counter wind uplift, resulting in a much lighter frame. However, the System’s integral strength is sufficient to support any snow load, with thermal expansion managed through ‘free floating forks’ incorporated into the frame. The IcoSun® Console System is easy to clean and maintain, and as cabling is elevated above the roof surface, access to the PV panels is also safer and easier. As a result, the System significantly extends opportunities to install PV panels, thereby improving the environmental footprint of many more buildings.

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