Approved Decra installers programme - Free training for IMA members


Decra is the leading brand of lightweight, steel roofing tiles, in order to enhance this position we must ensure that every installation is of the highest quality. The exclusive deployment of approved Decra installers is now the way we see the future growth for Decra. This ties in perfectly with the ethos of the IMA.

To encourage IMA members the to work for Decra’s expanding client base, we are offering free training on all aspects of the Decra system to IMA members. From estimates through to installation, the training package covers the specialist skills required to install a Decra roof and results in formal Decra approval of the trained installation team. The scheme allows Decra to build a stronger relationship with IMA members, and promote IMA quality in this highly competitive market.

Approval makes sure trained IMA members can maximise the added value resulting from assured installation, while maintaining the reputation of both the brand and the installer.
If you are interested in becoming a Decra Approved Installer or revisiting the training for existing employees please contact Kyle Hargreaves on

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