IMA Roofing Contractor of The Year Awards 2014

The IMA Awards are a celebration of quality in flat roofing as well as an opportunity to bring together and recognise the quality and excellence within the IMA Contractor Network.

This year we again received a good level of entries with quality projects of all types and sizes which were challenging in many different ways. Many of the projects were logistically and technically challenging under constrained conditions, such as schools, hospitals and businesses, all of which must continue to operate during refurbishment.

Green issues, global warming and carbon reduction are now at the forefront of design and the increase in the number of entries in the Eco-Activ and Green Roofing categories reflects this trend.

The IMA Awards consisted of eight award categories which were Reinforced Bitumen Waterproofing, Metal Faced Roofing, Eco-Activ Roofing, Single Ply Roofing, Liquid Waterproofing, Green Roofing, Decra Roofing and the coveted Craftsman of the Year Award.

Award Winners - Reinforced Bitumen Waterproofing Category 

1st Hambro Roofing Ltd
2nd Higham Flat Roofing Ltd
3rd G Baker Roofing Ltd



Award Winners - Metal Faced Roofing Category 

1st Hodgson Sayers Ltd
2nd Mitie Roofing (South West) Ltd


Award Winners - Eco-Activ Roofing Category 

1st D Shawcross Ltd
2nd A & B Buchan Ltd
3rd Tucker Tunstall Ltd


Award Winners - Single Ply Roofing Category 

1st A & B Buchan Ltd
2nd Tucker Tunstall Ltd
3rd Mac Roofing Ltd


Award Winners - Liquid Waterproofing Category 

1st Mac Roofing Ltd
2nd McCormick Flat Roofing


Award Winners - Green Roofing Category 

1st Span Roofing Contractors Ltd
2nd G Brolly & Co. Roofing Ltd


Award Winners - Decra Roofing Category 

1st Mac Roofing Ltd
2nd Hodgson Sayers Ltd


Award Winner - Craftsman of the Year

1st William (Billy) Wilson – Hodgson Sayers Ltd - Read more....



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