Watford Colosseum, Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing System

Liquid Roofing Systems Winner

Company: McCormick Flat Roofing Ltd, Hornchurch, Essex

Project: Watford Colosseum

Materials Used: Elastoflex Liquid Waterproofing System

Watford Colosseum, Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing System
Watford Colosseum, Icopal Elastoflex Liquid Roofing System



Watford Colosseum, a live music and entertainment venue, has been undergoing a significant refurbishment to bring it up to world class standard.

Part of this required the re-roofing of the auditorium, an area of 1,000m2 which leaked so badly that wheelie bins were being used to collect rainwater coming through.

The original plan was to replace the existing copper sheeting with more of the same, but budget constraints prompted the main contractor to review the project, and to ask McCormick Flat Roofing Ltd to suggest, and value engineer, a possible alternative.

The McCormick team suggested first preparing the existing copper roof by using hot air guns to peel off existing bituminous and aluminium solar paint where it had become delaminated.

Icopal Elastoflex primer was then used across the entire roof, followed by the fully built-up Elastoflex Liquid Waterproofing System. The roof is now completed, and is leak free. 




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