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Company: Mac Roofing And Contracting Ltd, Bromborough, Wirral

Project: Cathcart St Primary School

Materials used: Total Torch VCL, 120mm PUR Insulation, Vedag Turbo heat-activated Underlay, Proflex brown mineral cap sheet, Form Flash






Water ingress was causing severe problems at Cathcart Street Primary School, damaging both the building and computers, and even closing some classrooms during bad weather. Mac Roofing and Contracting was given complete responsibility for finding a solution - having already worked with Wirral MBC for four years, Mac now has a further five year contract to manage roofing renewal for all schools and public buildings owned by the Council.

The school roof comprised individual felted areas with valley gutters, and a number of roof lights on the flat area. A thorough survey revealed wide ranging problems, including saturated insulation, and so Mac suggested a complete replacement to provide a comprehensive waterproof solution. This required stripping the existing roof down to the metal deck and applying Total Torch VCL followed by 120mm insulation bonded to the vapour control layer. A layer of Vedag Heat activated underlay was then followed by a final layer of Profiles Brown mineral cop sheet. Roof lights were also renewed.

The roof had to be replaced while the school was open, resulting in significant weekend work and the removal of rubbish into skips only outside school hours due to the proximity of vehicles and pupils. This required careful management of rubbish disposal to avoid over-stockpiling on the roof, and a reorganisation of car parking in order to maximise limited on-site space.

Mac delivered the project on time and to budget. It was an excellent example of how client, contractor and manufacturer can work together to deliver a challenging project safely and efficiently, and the school now has a superior roof backed by a 20 year IMA guarantee.




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