Built Up Roofing Category - 2nd Place

Company: Brindley Asphalt Ltd, Bilston, West Midlands  

Project: Whitley Depot, Coventry

Materials used: Total Torch Vapour Control Layer, 130mm Torch-On Insulation, Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer, Tecnatorch Green with Grooves








A complete replacement was the only option for Coventry City Council after rejecting temporary roofing for its Whitley Depot building. Having leaked for over 20 years, the roof was not only in a bad state of repair, but existing low rooflight upstands meant that a re-roof was the only practical solution. In addition, the Council decided that this was the ideal opportunity to upgrade insulation, and to replace half of the existing rooflights while boarding over the rest.

Having successfully won the tender, Brindly Asphalt’s first task was to determine the best way to re-roof a fully operational Council depot with minimal disruption, given that the facility was in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Working offices had to be moved, and particular care taken when removing existing glazing and installing new barrel vault rooflights, making sure the building remained both safe and watertight during the process.

Close liaison between the roofing and Council teams was essential if the project was to be a success. The existing roof, including cork insulation, was stripped down to the metal decking and replaced with a Total Torch Vapour Control Later, 130mm PIR insulation, a Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer, and a Tecnotorch Green with Grooves cap sheet.

The roof, measuring a total of 1,233m2, was completed on schedule after the team worked after-hours and at weekends to avoid disturbing key areas of the building below. The work was regularly inspected by Icopal’s Technical Installation Manager to ensure quality was maintained, and a very satisfied client is now looking forward to many years of leak-free performance.


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