IMA Roofing Contractor of The Year Awards 2010

For this year’s awards we broke with tradition to put IMA projects under the scrutiny of a team of external judges and your response was superb with a record number of entries.
The standard of all entries was extremely high, making judging difficult for the new, external team comprising Bill Jenkins MBE, FRA director, and David Ross, principal surveyor of Graham + Sibbald chartered surveyors’, Glasgow. Many thanks to Bill and David for their time, professional scrutiny and overall help with the process.

This year also saw a new category added for liquid waterproofing.

McCormick Flat Roofing and NRA Roofing and Flooring Services dominated the leader board, with McCormick winning two awards – for single ply (with Marshall Street baths in Soho) and for liquid waterproofing (with King’s College London).

NRA also won two awards – for built up roofing (with Fairfield Primary School) and Craftsman of the Year (with Richard Bates). 

Award Winners

Built Up Roofing Category – Winner - NRA Roofing and Flooring

Built Up Roofing Category - 2nd Place - General Asphalte Company 

Built Up Roofing - 3rd Place - MITIE Tilley Roofing 

Green Roofing – Winner - D Shawcross 

Liquid Roofing Systems – Winner - McCormick Flat Roofing

Single-Ply Systems Category – Winner - McCormick Flat Roofing

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